Andrew Spiegel
Associate Sifu Level 1
(Wing Chun)

Andrew Spiegel Andrew Spiegel has been training with his Sifu David Gallaher since 1995. He is a loyal student of the school and the first to receive a Black Sash in Wing Chun from Grand Master Gallaher. Andrew attained his Black Sash Level in October 2006 and become a permanent member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association. He has continued to progress in his Wing Chun training and was awarded his Black Sash 1st Degree in May 2008 and Black Sash 2nd Degree in November 2008 with all honors, rights and privileges. Andrew also had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong on two occasions and further refine his Wing Chun training with Grand Master Chan Chee Man and attended seminars with Yip Ching while in China. Andrew is a member of the school’s Instructorship Program and is currently teaching his own Wing Chun class along with being an Assistant Instructor in the Junior Dragons Martial Arts Program. He has previous training in Jeet Kune Do and Kali under Sigung Gallaher. Andrew has been privately training in Wing Chun with Sifu Gallaher for over 20 years. He is a dedicated father of two boys. His oldest son Nathan has been in the school for 10 years and has attained his Junior Black Belt Level. He is currently training in the Jeet Kune Do program while attending high school. His other son Jacob is in 5th grade and enjoys playing Little League Baseball.

Jason Martin
Apprentice Sifu Level 3

Jason Martin Sifu Jason Martin is a long-time resident of Fort Myers, graduating in 1998 from Cypress Lake High School. In 2000 he enlisted in the U.S. Army Infantry; where he gained invaluable combat experience while maintaining his relationship and training with Sigung Gallaher at the Gung Fu Institute. Sifu Martin returned to Florida after his discharge from the military in 2008. He has trained in Jeet Kune Do at David Gallaher’s Gung Fu Institute since 1999, additionally, he has also trained in Kali and Wing Chun under Sigung Gallaher. Sifu Martin is currently responsible for teaching the Wednesday night adult class, the grappling class, and supervising the Fight Club.

Carlos A. Kelly
Apprentice Sifu Level 1

Carlos A. Kelly Carlos began training at the Gung Fu Institute in November 2009, studying both Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun. As a member of the school's Instructorship Program, Carlos has helped teach the Jr. Dragons kids class and the adult Jeet Kune Do class. In 2012, Grandmaster David Gallaher took Carlos and another student, Sean Lowry, to Hong Kong to privately train in wing chun with Grandmaster Chan Chee Man. Carlos has enjoyed the Gung Fu Institutes's yoga program for several years, considering it a vital part of his martial arts training. Carlos enjoys all aspects of the Gung Fu Institute, particularly the moral leadership provided by Grandmaster Gallaher. When he is not training at the Gung Fu Institute or spending time with his wife and their cat, Carlos practices law.

Isabel Lara

(Wing Chun)

Isabel Lara My name is Izzy Lara and I've attended David Gallaher Gung Fu Institute for close to a decade. I am one of the helpers/instructors in the institute,I work with children as well as the adults to help develop confidence,assurance and self discipline. We have a great selection of courses for everyone including yoga classes and private Thai yoga sessions with our grandmaster. The institute is here to help you become a better person and I'm one of those examples if it wasn't for the institute I don't know what I would be doing or were I would be at today. My sifu Grandmaster David Gallaher has been and will continue to be a great influence in my life I owe him much gratitude for everything he's done for me. The institute will help you develop many skills like the ones I've learned for example hand to hand combat, grappling, weapons training, leadership skills and much more. And you will also be able to meet new people and develop new friendships. David Gallaher Gung Fu Institute is more then just a martial arts school it's a place full of brothers and sisters trying to become something greater, it's a great family environment and I'm very grateful to be a part of this institute.

Offsite Instructors*

Wayne King Jr
Apprentice Sifu Level 3

Wayne King Jr Sifu Wayne King Jr has been a student of the school since the fall of 1998. By 2001 he was supervising JKD & Kali classes for Grand Master Gallaher. By 2004 he was the very first student accepted into the schools instructorship program. In 2009 he recieved instructor certification and is currently a lvl 3 JKD apprentice instructor. Sifu Wayne is a veteran of the Military Police Corp, which gives him a great perspective when teaching the self-defense techniques he has learned from GM Gallaher. He has attended no less then 15 seminars hosted by the school involving GM gallahers teachers. Several of whom have past. Even though his main focus at the school has been Jeet Kune Do he has also had extensive training in the arts of Kali & Wing Chun. He has assisted GM Gallaher in photo shoots for The Bruce Lee magazine and other projects. It is worth noting Sifu Wayne took a hiatus from the school from 2005-2007. He currently is authorized to teach in Port Charlotte, Fl. He is a dedicated husband and father. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and teaching his daughter martial arts.

Rick Montgomery
Apprentice Sifu Level 2
(Wing Chun)(JKD)

Rick Montgomery Rick Montgomery has been a friend and student of Sifu Gallaher since 2002. Rick is a former Recon Marine and currently works as a labor and employment law attorney. From 2002 through 2008 he received public and private instruction from Sifu Gallaher in JKD, Wing Chun, and Kali. He also assisted Sifu Gallagher teaching classes in JKD and Wing Chun. In 2006, Rick and several other students accompanied Sifu to Hong Kong to meet and receive instruction from two Wing Chun Grandmasters. In 2008, Rick received his apprentice instructor certification in JKD. Later that same year he relocated to Savannah, Georgia where he ran a small JKD training group. In 2009, Rick moved to Statesboro, Georgia where he currently runs a small JKD training group. Rick enjoys spending time with his family and training in the martial arts.

* Offsite Instructors are trained by Si Gong David Gallaher and certified to teach, however, the Gung Fu Institute is not liable for offsite instructors