Home School Special

As a parent with two home schooled kids, I understand the struggle and commitment that parents take on when you choose to homeschool. As a reward for your dedication to your child, we have created a new class with an earlier time slot and a reduced price. Class times are Tuesday and Thursday (Check schedule to verify times), followed by the Circus Arts Class; that's an hour and a half of fitness, discipline and fun. Keep in mind that this class is only available during the normal school year. We do not offer any transportation services so you will need to have someone drop your child off.

Classes begin August 14th. Space is limited, sign up now to save your child's spot.

Payment Options for the Kids Martial Arts Class

Payment Options for the Aerial Arts Class


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Class Details

Like our Jr. Dragons program, our After school program is based on the principles of Jeet Kune Do, developed by Bruce Lee. The class is specifically designed for ages 6 to 14 years. Some of the philosophies of Jeet Kune Do are simplicity, directness and economy of motion such that the students learn to “carve away” the inessentials when moving their bodies. Everything the student is taught falls under these criteria so that the martial art the student is learning will be efficient and useful. The students then are given the opportunity to apply their martial arts in the form of closely supervised sparring. In this manner they see that they are actually learning to fight rather than just learning “forms.”


Positive behavior and skill development are rewarded with patches and colored belts. This is a Junior Black Belt program, though kids in this program have the choice of opting out of testing. If a student opts out of testing, no belts, patches or certification of rank are awarded though a student may still progress through the material.

Our instructors focus on teaching leadership qualities that can help your child to be successful in life. Kids learn to show respect for their teachers, other students and themselves. They also learn good sportsmanship and proper body mechanics. Your child will gain internal and external strength, confidence and flexibility. All of these lessons can enrich your child's life by teaching them how to express themselves fully not just in martial arts, but in every aspect of their lives.

There is simply no other academy emphasizing the concepts, philosophies and principles that we teach. Your child will not just become a martial artist; they will be an artist of life. Learning the art of Jeet Kune Do will liberate your child's way of thinking, which will strengthen their self-respect and improve their self-esteem.

God Bless You.

Grandmaster Gallaher