Jeet Kune Do

The Art of Jeet Kune Do


Jeet Kune Do is simply the most complete martial art available. JKD is a non-classical method of martial arts founded by Bruce Lee. It is based on a solid understanding of the human body as a weapon of self-defense. Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is a method that seeks simplicity, directness and economy of motion. Bruce Lee desired a more complete method of fighting based on the natural movements of a human being, rather than learning to move like an insect or an animal. The method is based on physics and body mechanics. JKD is straightforward in its approach to self-protection. JKD doesn't teach an individual to be in bondage to a particular dogma or style whether it be Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other national martial art. The JKD method allows the individual freedom to express themselves and to explore their inner workings rather than being a slave to form.

JKD was the original “mixed martial art.” Bruce Lee understood that one-dimensional thinking in combat is a naive approach that is destined for failure. If you are a good kicker but you can't punch, or if you are a good puncher but can't grapple, you are not going to be able to defend yourself in all situations. Bruce believed that to be complete you need to be able to punch, kick, grapple, trap, lock and anything in-between. JKD is not, however, just a bunch of techniques thrown together. Bruce methodically researched and dissected martial arts moves and then trained and sparred with the techniques to see how they work in combat. Lastly, he would use his martial arts genius to hack away at the unessentials in order to improve and perfect the moves for use in fighting.

Cultivating the body in the JKD method simply means that you are going to get a workout. These workouts include punching, kicking, bag work, using hand shields and side shields, etc. The best thing about this is you'll love it, get a good sweat and leave with a sense of well-being. We are a holistically-driven school and we promote health and fitness, which is an integral part of my personal regimen. Bruce Lee was juicing and taking supplements long before it was popular to do so.


In our JKD course you will learn how to take care of yourself in a real street confrontation. You will be empowered with this common sense method of combat. It is a method that will teach you how to be self-sufficient and to cultivate your mind and body to be a unit. Liberation, spontaneity and creativity are all encouraged at our school. You will learn the softness of Gung Fu, the hardness of Gung Fu and the understanding of when to use hard versus soft. As Bruce would say, the minimum amount of effort for the maximum effects. JKD is a journey of self-discovery where you learn not just to be a martial artist but also an artist of life.

I personally don't believe there is another school like ours in the United States. We are warm and friendly but at the same time serious and realistic. Join us in the method of JKD, the journey to personal liberation.

God Bless You.

Grandmaster Gallaher