Mixed Martial Arts


Many people have heard the terms "MMA" or "cross-training." Bruce Lee and JKD were the catalysts for this type of multi-disciplinary integration over 40 years ago. Various forms of martial arts have existed for hundreds of years and yet, even as recently as the 1960s, it was unusual for a practitioner of one art—whether Chinese, Japanese, or Korean—to cross-train and use the ideas from a different art. Bruce Lee cared nothing about martial art denominations; he merely wanted to seek the truth. Many times, the truth lies outside of tradition. This is how JKD, the forerunner of what today is known as "mixed martial arts," began.

When the UFC began in the United States, many practitioners rooted in a single art were quickly eliminated because they could not adapt to change. Like a chameleon, you must be able to change your fighting plan to meet any situation or environment. In a battle of punchers, the best puncher wins. A smart fighter never wants to fight the opponent's strengths. Rather, the smart fighter exposes—and then exploits—the opponent's weaknesses. Maybe your opponent will take you to the ground, mount you, and submit you. If you are in this scenario and you come from a kicking art, you will lose because your kicks will be almost useless. When fighting a great kicker, get in close so that you can throw elbows and knees and deliver head butts. Don't stay in kicking range! Remember, the smart fighter takes the fight to the opponent's weaknesses, not the opponent's strengths.

Bruce Lee, the founder of JKD, knew this and broke from tradition, arriving at the best fighting method ever created. What you see on television today in an MMA fight is nothing new to a JKD practitioner. "Using no way as way" and "having no limitation as limitation," were the guiding principles used by Bruce Lee in the course of developing his fighting philosophy, Jeet Kune Do. "Hack away at the unessential," was Bruce Lee's principle for discarding ineffective traditional techniques in favor of what worked. His vision of the future has become the now.

To learn how to apply these principles, you must be trained by an instructor who understands how to punch, kick, and grapple. You need an instructor tested by adversity—an instructor properly trained. This will speed up the learning process by eliminating useless, wasteful training techniques. Bruce Lee would have referred to useless, wasteful training as "corpse training" because that kind of training has no life. Unfortunately, there are useless, wasteful training techniques being taught today. Schools using the letters "MMA" open for business here and there, some without any certified instructors. A person might join without knowing the instructor has had less than a year of training.

Credentials and qualifications are a good place to start in order to find an outstanding JKD/MMA instructor. The best instructors know how to fight well, how to communicate their knowledge, and how to evaluate their students. When you are considering a JKD/MMA instructor, find out how long the instructor has been teaching. Ask how long the school has been in business and investigate the school's reputation. Talk to the students and ask them to tell you what they think about the school and the instruction.

I am correctly trained under Ted Wong, a protégé and close friend of Bruce Lee. Personally trained by Bruce Lee, Ted Wong carries the purest line of what Bruce Lee taught, according to Linda Lee, the widow of Bruce Lee. With this lineage, your training in JKD/ MMA at the Gung Fu Institute will reach back to the teachings of Bruce Lee.


At the Gung Fu Institute, you can learn how to become a good fighter and how to become a great martial artist. How will you learn to become a good fighter at the Gung Fu Institute? You will learn to use techniques that are technically sound. You will learn to put in many hours of training. You will learn from a certified JKD instructor. How will you learn to become a great martial artist at the Gung Fu Institute? You will first learn how to become a good fighter. You will learn to thoroughly condition the body and the mind. You will learn to endure in a hostile environment. Bruce Lee demonstrated all of these principles in the movie Game Of Death fighting Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Bruce Lee showed that for self-preservation in street attacks there are no rules. Instead, he applied "having no way as way," one of the fundamental principles of Jeet Kune Do.

How will JKD at the Gung Fu Institute help you? JKD will provide you with a solid understanding of body mechanics. JKD will provide you with a martial art tested on the street—not just in a martial arts studio—and backed up by physics. More than this, JKD is an art form of personal liberation. Each new weapon that you discover and perfect will begin to strengthen you from the inside out. Equally as important, the philosophical side of JKD will help keep your ego in check. Someone once said, “Premature promotion creates superficiality.” To avoid this, you will need to work hard and dedicate the necessary time to class. For the best results, you should have a goal in mind. You should ask yourself what you want from our JKD/MMA program. Do you want to be extraordinarily fit? Do you want to become a good fighter and then a great martial artist? Do you want to enter fighting competitions? Do you want to learn about yourself and your fears and how to overcome them? A goal will give you a direction toward success.

Not only will we teach you how to protect yourself in all ranges of attack, but we will teach you how to move and fight fluidly, rather than in robotic or mechanical movements. The education we offer is more than just learning how to fight, though. The education we offer will help you in your appreciation of life and all its mysteries. Gung Fu training means hard work; it identifies one who has achieved a higher understanding, not because of his words, but because his life is the demonstration of his words.

I am confident that you will find our JKD/MMA class is the best class available. Our classes are friendly, informative, and straight-to-the point. The moment you walk into our school, you will feel comfortable and you will know you came to the right place. If you want a great workout in an atmosphere that stimulates camaraderie, gives you a great sweat, and creates the feeling of euphoria that comes from endorphins and the feeling of accomplishment, join us at the Gung Fu Institute.

God Bless You.

Grandmaster Gallaher