Private Lessons


For individuals who want a deeper understanding of the teachings and the art of Grand Master Gallaher it is recommended that you take privates on a regular basis. This will give you the ability to not only learn the techniques directly from Sifu Gallaher, but to feel the energy and the positions and have the ability to be corrected immediately if you are making any mistakes. You can also take advantage of privates if you are having difficulty in any aspect of your training. A private done occasionally would assist you in your learning. Privates will be tailored to your needs. If you have time restraints, a private may be more appropriate for your lifestyle. In order to receive private instruction at our institute you must be a registered student or have been referred to the Institute. A referral letter will be needed if you are not a student of the academy.


Semi-Privates are two people sharing a session which can be a full hour or a half hour. Semi-Privates are a way to share the expense, but still have the personal, direct exposure to Sifu Gallaher. You will need to find a partner of equal ability so that you both can benefit from the session. Semi-Privates and Private appointments need to be set up one week prior to the session. Again, if you want to dive in deep, Semi-Privates and Privates will allow you a deeper understanding. Privates can also increase the rate of your progress and promotion in the academy if they are done along with classes.


$100 per 30 minutes

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